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We have decades of experience. After thousands of projects, we know how to make your loan process fast and seamless.

$100K to $3M

12 month-to 30 year fixed rates

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*We can get you a loan commitment the same day and close within five business days of appraisal and title.

Flexible Terms

1-4 unit properties

Private Lending for Fix-and-Flip

As an investor, there are multiple routes to take for fix-and-flip financing. You can work with a traditional mortgage, but these are very time consuming and aren’t necessarily designed for investors to hold the property for only a short period. Ideally, utilizing fix-and-flip loans will provide money for the purchase and renovations up front with the ability to act quickly. Speed is at the upmost importance for catching the best opportunities which will prevent you from missing out.

Many investors prefer to apply for a hard money (private) real estate loans for their fix-and-flip funding. A private real estate loan is funded by a private lender like Flatiron Realty Capital. Qualifications for the loan are typically based on the qualities of the property and your project, rather than your personal credentials. Traditional lenders have a lengthy underwriting or closing process, while private lenders like Flatiron Realty Capital will get you to closing significantly faster.

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A broker will generally work with their clients to identify their options before committing to the type of loan program. As a broker, you want to provide the best funding for flipping houses while guaranteeing income for your hard work. Partnering with fix-and-flip private real estate lenders like Flatiron Realty Capital gives you the advantage of offering the best quality loans for your investor clients.

Real Estate Agents

As Real Estate Agents, your clients rely on your expertise to help them obtain the best opportunities and act before someone else does. Helping your fix-and-flip real estate investing clients often involves directing them to alternative lending opportunities. Partnering with Flatiron Realty Capital will provide a significant advantage over other lenders, as we prioritize speed and service to keep our clients’ needs satisfied. When our clients are looking for an excellent agent to negotiate their next real estate project, we’ll keep you in mind.

Fix and Flip Loans for Real Estate Investors

If you are looking for real estate fix-and-flip loans that close faster than the competition, Flatiron Realty Capital is your go-to choice. For just a few minutes of your time, you could get a rate and loan commitment the same day.


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