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*We can get you a loan commitment the same day and close within five business days of appraisal and title.

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1-4 unit properties

Hard Money Rental Loans

Buying property that you can rent out is a popular form of real estate investment. Finding the right kind of rental loans makes a significant difference in your ability to catch a good deal and turn it into a reliable income stream. As an investor, you need to locate a property with sustainable market value and transact before the competition. Traditional rental loans for investors are an avenue of investing but traditional lenders have a lengthy process which can lead to the transaction falling apart.

By comparison, private real estate hard money loans for rentals emphasize efficiency. They are designed for investors who qualify on the merits of the investment, not your ability to repay the loan with personal income as a homeowner. Because private rental property lenders are not dependent on conventional lending standards, they become the preferred source of lending, especially in this volatile market that we are facing.

Benefits of Working With Flatiron Realty Capital


Brokers secure clients by analyzing the best rental property investment loans, which often include private lenders. Brokers who partner with Flatiron Realty Capital can maintain those important client relationships while enjoying greater income opportunities that they would have not found elsewhere.


Real Estate Agents

As a Real Estate Agent, it is important for you to help your clients find the perfect property and conclude a successful purchase. We partner with agents because we understand your vital role in the process. With our rental portfolio loans, we aim to make the partnership beneficial for all parties.


Rental Loans for Real Estate Investors

If you want a reliable source for private loans for rental property with a quick approval and closing process, discover the benefits of working with Flatiron Realty Capital. We will ensure a strong and lasting relationship that will produce many advantageous opportunities in the future. Get your rate with just a few minutes of your time.


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