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Stabilized Bridge Terms

We have decades of experience. After thousands of projects, we know how to make your loan process fast and seamless.

$100K to $3M

12-24 month options
0 Days
*We can get you a loan commitment the same day and close within five business days of appraisal and title.

Flexible Terms

1-4 unit properties

Bridge Loans for Investors

Whether looking to refinance an existing investment or acquiring a new income producing property, private bridge loans may be the ideal financing option. Bridge loans are short-term, designed for real estate investors looking to unlock value in properties through improvement in asset cash flow. Longer term financing options typically evaluate in-place debt service coverage. By comparison, bridge loans provide investors expeditious access to capital to acquire or refinance properties that have a duration that matches the timeline of their strategy. Whether planning a sale or refinance of the asset, bridge loans can get you to your desired outcome.

Although traditional loans can be an option for this type of investment, applying for private funding through hard money bridge lenders (or private lenders) may be a better choice. Private real estate loans focus on the current and potential value of the asset instead of basing approval solely on personal income and credit scores. If evaluating an investment opportunity that requires fast execution is your goal, then Flatiron Realty Capital is the private lender for you.

Bridge Financing Starts With Flatiron Realty Capital


At Flatiron Realty Capital, we understand the important role that brokers play in the real estate process. Brokers who operate as partners in our investment property bridge loans can earn on closed deals, while delivering options for their clients.


Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents working with borrowers or marketing a listing for a seller can benefit from our unique finance options. As real estate bridge loan lenders, we partner with agents on unique deals and scenarios as well as offer access to our REO properties for sale.


Bridge loans for Real Estate Investors

Borrowers find your rate with Flatiron Realty Capital by submitting your details. We are happy to discuss your project with you, and we may be able to provide a commitment the same day.


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If your project meets our requirements, we can provide a pre-authorization with rate lock on the same day.


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We process the title and appraisal requirements with your information.


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Once every requirement is met, we can close within 5 business days*.

We provide same day loan commitments and blazing fast closings*.

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