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Our years of experience have given us insight into the wide variety of projects you’ll encounter as a real estate investor. We know that your next project may involve a short term or long term commitment; a quick cosmetic update or a full-scale renovation; and any one of a variety of exit strategies.


At Flatiron we build lifelong relationships. We are able to offer our partners creative financing solutions that combine the lowest available rates with the highest available leverage ratios.

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Our loan programs

We offer so many different options to our clients. You’ll find that we understand your financing needs whatever the specifics of your project.


Short-term flips require the ability to move fast at purchase, on draw schedules, and when it’s time to sell. Private lending ensures you stay on track throughout the process.


Need long-term financing plus funding to cover rehab and renovation? We can customize your financing to your project’s specific needs.


We understand the ways that you can add value to a land purchase and take into account the value of your finished project when evaluating your deal.


If your next project involves new construction, we can facilitate timely draw schedules to ensure you meet all of your deadlines.


Renovating, rebranding, or expanding a hotel, motel, or resort property? We can provide the funds you need based on the value of your finished project.


Whether it’s a small or large apartment complex, residential dorms, an assisted living facility or other multi-family complexes, we understand and can evaluate the value of your project to ensure you are adequately funded.


Currently one of the most popular types of development projects — whether built from the ground up or through repurposing existing commercial and industrial space — mixed-use developments offer unparalleled flexibility and diversity for increased ROI.


The growth of on-demand supply chains has created a boom in the development and renovation of warehouse and industrial complexes to serve new and growing markets. We’ll keep you funded so you can keep growing your portfolio of properties.


Submit your application and let's create a plan for your current or future projects.

With loan sizes from $150K to $10 million+, we’re the most reliable source of all your funding needs.