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Investing in storage facilities

With annual revenue of more than $38 billion — and no end in sight — the self-storage industry is one of the true success stories in real estate investment. Whether you are interested in creating a storage facility from the ground up, or are acquiring an existing facility for updates, upgrades, repair and renovation, you’ll need exceptionally responsive financing that has a vision for the profit potential inherent in this less than glamorous commercial space.

We get it. As private financiers, we’re used to seeing things from the perspective of potential rather than in their present state. And we know that investors like you are getting big ROI by buying and renovating self storage facilities, expanding and enhancing existing facilities in their portfolio, and building self storage complexes in new and growing areas. Because we lend based on the After Repair Value (ARV) of the project, we can help you get the financing you need to take your project all the way.

Flexible lending options

There are a variety of renovation projects and upgrades that can make self storage units more desirable. Whether you need to replace and repair doors, repaint and re-exteriorize units, repave parking and access surfaces, or make other needed repairs, we’ve got funding for that.

Perhaps you want to upgrade an existing facility by expansion and reconfiguration of the space. You may want to retrofit a facility for climate control. You may even want to introduce retail services, like adding shipping facilities or moving supplies. Whatever your vision for your self storage facilities, we have the financial means to help.


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