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The growth of the entrepreneurial class and the increased staffing requirements of small businesses throughout the country are driving an increase in the need for office space. Current economic indicators suggest growth in demand, both through higher occupancy of existing developments and construction of new office buildings, especially in suburban and exurban markets. It’s a great time to begin looking at a Fix and Flip or Buy and Hold strategy for existing buildings and construction of office parks on underpriced vacant land in the ever-expanding suburbs.

That’s where we come in. As private financiers, we have the capital and the expertise to help you create a plan for renovation or construction of a variety of commercial office developments, from downtown high-rises to sprawling suburban office parks. In addition, with the rising popularity of mixed-use developments, you may be able to diversify your portfolio with office, retail, and residential units through a well-timed and well-crafted investment. When you have reliable and flexible funding, there are no limits on the realization of your vision.

Flexible finance options

Today’s business owners are looking for exceptional design and amenities for their employees — and themselves. That’s why you need a flexible financing option to ensure that you can create the spaces and features needed to ensure high occupancy and ever-increasing demand. Because we base loans on the value of the completed project, we can help you do more to increase that value by providing the capital you need to attract and retain happy tenants.


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