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Untapped potential

In many areas, large swaths of unimproved land are available for sale — often with motivated sellers. Consider the investment possibilities:

  • Zoning changes to add value
  • Custom home building
  • Residential Community Developments
  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Commercial Real Estate Development

In the current low inventory climate, ground up construction and development is more valuable than ever. Yet traditional lending policies for land acquisition actually inhibit borrowers rather than encouraging them.

We’re built for real estate investors

We’re different. When you work with a private financier, you can take advantage of all of the available options for building and improvement that your investment network — and your creativity — can devise. Because we’re built for real estate investors, we share your vision, creating loan products based on the value of the finished project. And because we have a variety of loan options, you can always refinance as your project develops. If you’re a builder or developer looking at teardowns, consider instead the cost savings of land acquisition and development. No more haggling over the perceived value of a home you know you’re going to tear down anyway. No more time-consuming and expensive demo process before you can even begin on the project you really want to create.

Create value and equity

When you start with raw land, you create value and equity with every single improvement. Even a simple zoning change can create tens of thousands of dollars in added value. That means you have an exit strategy at every step of the project, no matter what delays or setbacks may occur over the course of the project development process. That offers you financial security and peace of mind.


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