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Meet your company’s needs

Do you need to finance a major capital expenditure, like an upgrade to your current facility or the building of a new corporate campus? Do you need to refinance an existing building or complex in order to add valuable upgrades or make needed repairs? Is diversifying your company creating a need for new facilities or offices? Whatever type of acquisition or construction your company needs, you’ll need an industrial loan to see it to completion.

We can help. We work with businesses and corporations just like you to create funding options that allow you to both meet your company’s space and facilities needs while never missing a minute of business. When your financing is in place, the entire project progresses more smoothly.

Grow your business

Perhaps you are expanding and upgrading your current office or industrial space. Perhaps you are acquiring an existing facility but need extensive renovation, rebranding, and upgrades. Perhaps you are doing a teardown or acquiring raw land in order to build from the ground up. We can serve you in all of these scenarios, with the flexibility and know-how to help you get from concept to completion.

We know that attracting and retaining stellar employees in the current competitive environment means that you need up-to-date facilities and amenities. When you’re ready to move from the design phase to the acquisition and building phase, we’ll be here to help. And because we have the flexibility to help you fund your project based on its value after completion, you’ll add value to your facility, raise your profile, and draw top talent all without tying up your operating budget in construction and renovation costs.


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