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Tailored hospitality loans

The US hospitality industry is on the rise, with continued growth expected as the market shifts from a commodity-driven to an experience-driven one. The country’s two key demographics — seniors and Millennials — make up the most eager and enthusiastic groups in this growing segment of the market. That’s great news for investors building, expanding, renovating, and rebranding hotels, motels, inns, and resorts.

We’re here to help. Whether you’re building a new ground up hotel or adding value through a timely renovation of an existing structure or complex, you’ll find that we have hospitality loans tailored to your needs for acquisition and construction.

We offer a variety of loan products

We understand that the hospitality industry is multi-faceted, so we offer a variety of loan products designed for the unique needs of hospitality projects. We can help you acquire property, then finance franchise costs, renovation and rehab, and needed equipment and inventory.

Because we loan based on the value of the finished project, we want to help you make your project as successful as possible. We can provide the capital you need to get up and running faster than traditional lenders. That means quicker and more effective monetization, whether you’re developing for resale or running the show yourself.

Loan products for any scale

And our help is not limited to large scale commercial resorts and complexes. We know that the future of the hospitality industry in many areas is in individual residences and short term lodging. Let us help you develop a portfolio of properties in desirable and tourist-friendly areas around the country, then make the repairs and add the amenities that will keep them booked year-round.

There’s nothing as good for your business as diversification in order to increase ROI. Whether you’re a long-time hospitality sector investor or are just getting started, we have the capital and know-how to help you succeed. Submit your application today and be ready to make your move into the hospitality industry. Let’s get started.


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