After Repair Value

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Perfect for family homes

Whether you are a real estate investor pursuing a short-term Fix & Flip strategy or a long-term Buy & Hold investor, building a portfolio of single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and quads requires solid financing and fast turnarounds.

What we offer

Why work with a private financier on your next small-scale residential investment? We offer:

  • A variety of loan sizes geared to your individual project requirements
  • Approval in days, not weeks, so you can get to work faster
  • A flexible and fast-moving underwriting process so that you can take advantage of great opportunities when they arise
  • Flexible draw schedules so that you can move at the pace of your project
  • The ability to work with a variety of credit scenarios so that there’s no limit to what you can accomplish
  • Loans based on the After-Repair Value (ARV) of your project so that you can monetize more quickly
  • Short-term and Long-term options to help you customize your investment and keep up with the market

Designed to work for you

Investors come to us with a variety of experiences and a variety of projects, so we create options that are designed to work for you, no matter what your current project requires. Whether you are just starting out in investing or are moving up from wholesaling to managing your own projects, you’ll get more deals done when you’re working with a private lender built for real estate investment.


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With loan sizes from $150K to $10 million+, we’re the most reliable source of all your funding needs.