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Agile Refinancing products

Real Estate investment is unpredictable. Sometimes the project that started as a perfect Fix and Flip ends up being more perfect as a Buy and Hold. Sometimes a market adjustment means that the time is just not right to list that gorgeous renovated residence, so you need to hold until a recovery. Or maybe weather created construction delays, changing the timeline on your new construction. Any of these scenarios can create a need to refinance your existing loan.

When you’ve got smart, reliable financing that is agile enough to move with your business, you’ll never have to worry about what to do in the event of a change in plans — or a change in your business model. With the ability to refinance, you can ensure that the terms of your loan work for your project and for your long term investment goals.

Tap into your equity

Say you have built up equity in your investment portfolio. A well-timed refinance can let you tap into those funds tax-free, and spend them on whatever you want — college tuition, a dream vacation, or a new investment property — without losing those well-performing properties. It’s cash-out without the sale. How smart is that?

Or perhaps you want to maximize the value of your investment portfolio in order to finance top-of-the-line upgrades in a market that’s moving upscale. Refinance to tap into available equity and makeover your current properties, then let the rent increases and increased equity value create unbeatable ROI.


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