At Flatiron we build lifelong relationships. We are able to offer our partners creative financing solutions that combine the lowest available rates with the highest available leverage ratios.

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Fast & Realiable lending

We know that finding the truly great deals can be a challenge. Tight markets, low inventory, and ever-shifting market conditions mean that you need to be able to move quickly when the ideal scenario presents itself. But traditional real estate lending is not set up for the kind of timeline you’re working with. Extensive document requirements, strict lending guidelines, unwieldy underwriting processes and more can mean you’re waiting weeks or even months to lock down financing. That just won’t work.

We’re different. As private financiers we provide you with all of the financial tools you need to move when a great investment opportunity arises. With fast and reliable lending, we can get you to the closing table faster than you ever thought possible. That means money to purchase that property and get your crew to work. It means less downtime and lower carrying costs. It means that the time between finding a deal and monetizing shrinks — and profit potential grows.

We’re experts in Real Estate

Because we are so focused on real estate, we understand how your business works. That’s why we provide options like cross-collateralization to help you juggle your various projects while reducing — or even eliminating — down payments. We also offer refinancing options that can continue to change as your project changes, so you always have the financing you need to make your move.

Are you an international investor? We have the products to help you finance your real estate acquisition without all of the red tape that commercial banks require. You’ll be able to move on opportunities with confidence, knowing that your financing is in place.


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With loan sizes from $150K to $10 million+, we’re the most reliable source of all your funding needs.