Flatiron Realty Capital Contributes to John Burns Real Estate Consulting Quarterly Fix and Flip Survey

John Burns Real Estate Consulting Quarterly Fix and Flip Survey

For the fourth consecutive quarter, Flatiron Realty Capital has contributed to the John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) Quarterly Fix and Flip Survey. The 3Q22 survey reflects up-to-date sentiment for the Fix-and-Flip market as well as the six-month outlook. Responses were gathered from validated real estate investors in late September through early October. Results of the proprietary poll serve as the
basis for the Burns + Flatiron + Sundae Fix and Flip Market Index.

“The Fix and Flip Market Index (FFMI) is a diffusion index that compares flippers’ weighted responses on three key aspects of their business against seasonal norms. A diffusion index evaluates whether the metrics are trending up or down, but not by how much.”
- John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC

The 3Q22 results are based on a sample of 447 market ratings we received from home flippers across the nation. According to JBREC, responses indicated that the US Fix-and-Flip market is no longer expanding. “Question of the quarter” responses show that 54% of flippers reported lower sales prices relative to 3 months ago.

Survey Reaction from Robert Talas, Principal and Co-Founder of Flatiron Realty Capital:

“Fix-and-flip investor sentiment as measured by the Quarterly Fix and Flip Survey shows competition for acquisitions remains above typical levels and the potential for longer asset holding periods with exits becoming less certain. While borrowers may be seeing fewer options for access to capital, we still see opportunity in the vast majority of markets and we stand ready to finance your next project. Flatiron Realty Capital’s core competency as a private money fix-and-flip lender allows us to lend in any phase of the cycle. To succeed in this market, investors need to move quickly and confidently to get the best properties and access to capital is more important than ever. As a true bridge lender, we can provide same day quotes, expedited closings and certainty of execution.”

To inquire about receiving the recurring survey of fix-and-flippers as well as ongoing monthly and quarterly research on the US housing market, please reach out to John Burns Real Estate Consulting.


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