About Us

Flatiron Realty Capital is a fully private financial services company.  We analyze the full spectrum of real estate investor products.  Our vertically integrated experience and expertise allow us to provide faster funding with more flexible terms than traditional sources of real estate finances.


At Flatiron we build lifelong relationships. We are able to offer our partners creative financing solutions that combine the lowest available rates with the highest available leverage ratios.

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Half A Century of Experience

The principals at Flatiron Realty Capital combine more than a half-century of experience in investor-level real estate funding.

Over those decades we have closed more than 4,500 projects totaling more than a billion dollars in value.

That means we have the experience and expertise you need when your project depends on fast and reliable sources of funding.

We fund projects from as LOW as $150,000

Because of our experience in the industry, we can analyze deals in a variety of investor spaces, from residential to commercial to mixed use to industrial. New construction, renovation, or acquisition, we have the solution to your financial challenges.

And because we are a private financial services company, we can do it all faster and with more flexibility than traditional sources of real estate finance.

You may think that the kind of speed, reliability, and convenience we provide is only available to large-scale builders and developers. In reality, while we do fund multi-million dollar projects, we also fund projects for as low as $150,000.

That means we’re the perfect choice to help you do more and do it faster as you build your portfolio.


Submit your application and let's create a plan for your current or future projects.

With loan sizes from $150K to $10 million+, we’re the most reliable source of all your funding needs.